Politics has always seemed like an old man's game—dudes with graying hair speechifying and making all the decisions for the rest of us. But maybe that's the problem, especially in Stockton, Calif., a city riddled with bankruptcy and murder which was named The Most Miserable City in America by Forbes

The old guys in Stockton aren't getting it done, and that's why 22-year-old homegrown product and Standford graduate Michael Tubbs stepped up to the plate. True Son documents Tubbs' journey as he returns to his home town and launches an impassioned campaign for a seat on the city council in an effort to save his city. And as you'll see in the clip above, the youngster's got support from some serious people.

True Son hits theaters in New York today, Oct. 31, and Los Angeles next Friday, Nov. 7. Check out the clip above, then watch the full trailer below.