When they aren't (and even when they are) being anti-social, cats are amusing. Cuddly, even. Regardless, stopping to play with them is high on the list of bad decisions for a fugitive in the middle of a police chase. 

WPBF reports that Daniel Velapatino, 21, stole thousands of dollars from a friend, then crashed a Lexus into several cars (a police car, included) after spending the previous night doing drugs in Boca Raton, Fla. After fleeing on foot, he approached the back door of Candace Noonan​'s home, explaining that he was doing yard work for her neighbors and needed a glass of water. 

Noonan obliged, but returned to find Velapatino sprawled out on her living room floor, playing with her cats. "It almost looked like he either was on drugs or he was mentally handicapped," she told WPBF. She was correct, to an extent. When Noonan's husband began questioning Velapatino, he escaped via the back door, but police later apprehended him using a police boat. 

Rarely a dull moment in Florida.

[via Gawker and WPBF]

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