In the wake of Brazil’s devastating (and humiliating) loss to Germany yesterday during the World Cup semi-finals, the Internet showed absolutely no mercy towards the fallen team. The second it happened, Internet users sprung into action. Almost instantly #novaseline was being tagged all over Instagram and trending on Twitter.

If you can’t use your imagination, the tag #novaseline refers to Germany’s brutal “rape” of Brazil. To take it a step further, people started flooding adult website with highlights of the semi-final game. Footage of the game has been showing up everywhere with the title “Young Brazilians get f**ked by entire German soccer team.”

The website poked fun at Brazil itself while asking people to stop posting these videos. Pornhub Katie tweeted: “Please stop uploading the game highlight to Pornhub… Our public humiliation category is full. #BrazilvsGermany.” 

The Independent reports that team manager Luiz Felipe Scolari admitted that it was the worst day of his life. Scolari added “the players blanked out in the opening 30 minutes of the match when Germany netted the first five or their seven goals.”

We feel for you Brazil, but we highly doubt the Internet is going to let up anytime soon.

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