Two members of a Florida police department have been terminated after being exposed as Ku Klux Klan members. Worse, this particular police department has a history of hiring Klan members. 

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Fruitland Park Deputy Police Chief David Borst resigned last Thursday, while Cpl. George Hunnewell was dismissed the following day. The FBI provided Fruitland Park police Chief Terry Isaacs with a Florida Department of Law Enforcement report detailing the revelation. Borstwho doubled as Fruitland Park's fire chiefrefused to admit ties to the KKK, but still left both positions.

The Orlando Sentinel adds that in 2009, Officer James Elkins quit the force after pictures of him in full KKK attire hit the web. One particularly damning picture featured Elkins wearing his uniform, badge, and service weapon beneath his robe. 

Isaacs told the Sentinel that this development has "upset" his staff, expressing his shock that "a professional law-enforcement officer [would] be a member of a subversive organization." Clearly, anything is possible.

[via Orlando Sentinel]

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