This week will be remembered as the one in which Mike Boyer became a God amongst weed smokers. After losing his job as a result of his successful quest to become the first person to purchase legal recreational marijuana in Spokane, Wash., Boyer got his job back.

According to Newsweek, staffing agency TrueBlue decided it wouldn't be cool to fire him because he didn't really break any rules. "The reason they said they gave me my job back was because their policy says you cannot be under the influence at work, which I was not, and since I officially had the day off, what I did on my time was my time. And they gave me my job back, and even gave me a day's worth of pay that I missed," he told Newsweek

Even though it was unnecessary in the end, he still gets credit for posting his resume on Craigslist in an attempt to cash in on his 15 minutes. At the end of the day, he got his job back and his weed, so he won. 

[via Newsweek]

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