If there are two things we like to waste our time doing, it's binge watching television and swiping through galleries of potential hook-ups on Tinder. In fact, prestige drama and superficial online dating apps may be the two great legacies of this moment in history, and we're totally okay with that. But, wouldn't it be great if we could combine the two? There has already been talk of getting celebrities on Tinder; we have to be close to the technological sophistication that would allow us to hook-up with fictional characters, right?

Okay, maybe trysting with television babes is a distant dream, like a solution to climate change or  the hope that your friends will stop posting Upworthy articles on Facebook, but we should dare to dream. Some day, our online dating apps could be integrated into our HBO GO accounts and then we'd be able to hook-up with Wildlings, Lannisters, and pretty much any Westerosi hottie we damn well please. Until then, keep the dream alive. Here are Television Characters We Wish Were On Tinder.