Despite EA Sports' status as the most prominent developer in sports gaming, its basketball franchise NBA Live often gets second-class treatment when compared to 2K Games' NBA 2K series. In recent years, the gap has only gotten worse. NBA Live 13 was cancelled while NBA Live 14 was shoddy compared to 2K14. However, EA is pulling out all the stops this year to try and reverse that trend. On June 5, NBA Live 15 executive producer Sean O'Brien went so far as to draft a letter of apology for NBA Live 14's shortcomings

Today, the company showed that they're ready to back up O'Brien's words with actions. On the EA Sports Facebook, the team offered up the first screenshots of NBA Live 15, featuring the likenesses of James Harden, Blake Griffin, Paul George, Rajon Rondo, Tony Parker, and Steph Curry. As you can see above, they all look good. Truly, no game has ever been able to better capture Rondo's annoyed indifference, nor has Harden's trademark facial hair ever looked more lifelike. 

Kudos to EA for this first round of shots. Let's hope the actual game looks just as good and plays even better. 

[via EA Sports]