Telltale has announced that The Wolf Among Us as well as Walking Dead seasons one and two  will be getting boxed retail releases for both last and current-gen consoles later this year (Walking Dead Season One, is of course, already available on the PS3 and Xbox 360, and the next-gen version includes everything the boxed last-gen Game of the Year edition had). No release date was given – although with E3 just around the corner you can bet we'll hear more about it (as well as Game of Thrones, with any luck) there.

No word either on whether or not the PS4 and Xbox One releases will contain any sort of upgraded performance or graphical boosts that would make them theoretically the platforms to pick them up on, but that, too, may be announced in the coming week or two. For now, here's a lovely picture of the Wolf Among Us box. It looks, as expected, like a box.

[Via Telltale