A schools superintendent in Westchester, N.Y. has been sued by several employees for allegedly making racist and sexist comments, specifically 26 different combinations of the word "b****." 

According to the lawsuit, Greenburgh Superintendent Ronald O. Ross made the comments over a three-year period. Here's a full rundown of the variations of "b****" that he used to describe the women he worked with: 

"White B****"

"Whining White B****"

"Black B****"

"Fat B****"

"Old Black B****"

"Old Fat Black B****"

"Nazi B****"

"Russian B****"

"Cancer B****"

"Jew B****"

"Midget B****"

"Fat Drunk B****"

"False Titty B****"

"Fake Titty B****"

"Old Black B****"

"Old Fat Black B****"

"Nosey Jew B****"

"Black B******"

"Dumb B****"

"Fucking White B****"

"Fat White D-e B****"

"White D-e B****"

"Drunken B****"

"Deaf White B****"

"Racist White B****"

"Racist Brazilian B****"

These are all terrible, but claiming someone got cancer because they're a "b****"? Sickening. Furthermore, Ross stands accused of calling others "White Uncle Tom," "White Devil," "Aunt Jemima," "trailer trash" and "crackers." He also allegedly told some female students they would be "roofied and raped" when they got to college. 

The suit wants an unspecified amount of damages from Ross and members of the Board of Education, who they claim refused to take action when complaints about Ross were filed. Meanwhile, Ross denies all knowledge of the suit.

[via Gothamist and New York Post]

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