Last night, The Amazing Spiderman 2’s Andrew Garfield took his turn hosting Saturday Night Live, and we have to say the results were pretty solid overall. We even got a bonus appearance by Emma Stone, Garfield’s Spiderman 2 co-star and girlfriend.

If this hilarious sketch was anything like their romantic life, however, their relationship may be in serious trouble. Although Chris Martin is now single, so it’s always possible they could involve him to spice things up:

The highlight of the night had to be “The Beygency,” an alarmingly accurate portrayal of the ramifications of not loving Beyoncé. Yes, even that “Drunk in Love” song. It also features a cameo by a couple soon-to-be-returning TV stars, although we won’t spoil it here. Check it out for yourselves:

We also got to see Garfield take Justin Timberlake for a spin in “Celebrity Family Feud.” As you may recall, the two shared the screen in The Social Network, so Garfield obviously has had a plenty of time to hone his oversized JT impression. Also, Keenan Thompson’s imitation of Steve Harvey was awesome. Enjoy:

Like most weeks, there were some duds (we love fart jokes as much as anyone, but Stanx? Come on), but on the whole this was a strong episode. Charlize Theron will be hosting next week, with The Black Keys serving as the musical guest.