Power, the new crime drama series premiering June 7 on Starz, tells a story set in two worlds: the high-life of the glamorous NYC club scene and the brutal realm of drug trafficking. If we gave you three guesses as to what hip-hop entrepreneur (and accomplished author and filmmaker) is playing a key role in bringing this story to life, most of you would have two guesses to spare. That’s right—Mr. Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent, is lending the show his expertise in both upscale nightlife and down-and-dirty hustling, giving the series an absolutely essential level of authority. Not only is Curtis Jackson an Executive Producer on the series, he also stars in a recurring role.

Power is about the tension and drama that comes with living a double life, and as such the show’s soundtrack covers a wide range of cinematic tones and emotional states. Not surprisingly, 50 Cent has played a major part in compiling the music to be featured in the series. You can take a listen right now to a playlist posted in advance of the show’s premiere that sets the table (and whets the appetite) for what will go down on Starz on Saturday, June 7, at 9pm.

Check out The Power Playlist below, featuring such artists as 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar, Mobb Deep and Eminem. To learn more about Power, click here.