Just as the ancients watched the celestial bodies align with their own primitive rock formations, New Yorkers celebrate those rare occurrences when that mysterious orange orb known as the sun sets along Manhattan's street grid. Rejoice! For Manhattanhenge, is upon us.

While this evening's sunset will only feature the sun partially visible between the skyscrapers, tomorrow the full effect can be seen from any East-West Manhattan street. Don't deprive your 58 Instagram followers of this special opportunity. 

Here are the dates for all of 2014's Manhattanhenges, according to Gothamist: 

Half Sun on the Grid
Thursday, May 29 8:16 P.M. EDT
Saturday, July 12 8:25 P.M. EDT

Full Sun on the Grid
Friday, May 30 8:18 P.M. EDT
Friday, July 11 8:24 P.M. EDT

[via Gothamist]

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