Five Milford, N.J. high school students were arrested for alleged printing and using counterfeit $20 bills, reports CBS New York

The news reportedly "shocked" other students, who had no idea what the counterfeiters were up to. “I’m still surprised. I can’t even think that, like, even happened," Alyssa Solonkovich told CBS News.

Joe Victory, an awesomely-named senior at Milford High School, was apparently confused that the suspects were intelligent enough to think of the scam. “They’re just average guys, I never really thought anything of it,” Victory said. “Not any smarter than any other kid.”

The students now face various charges ranging from theft by deception to possession of a forgery device. Note to potential forgers out there: If you need money to pay for your Dunkin' Donuts, try getting a part time job instead of printing fake money. 

[via CBS New York]

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