Like most major cities, D.C. is becoming one of those places where everyone has a "thing" they do on the side that they hope will one day replace their real job. If only this dude were so lucky. Instead, he puts his entire life force into a formulaic idea that couldn't get off the ground through divine intervention. The worst part is that he can't even articulate what, exactly, it is that he wants to do, he just aggressively directs you to his Tumblr which is loaded with reblogged porn, movie GIFs and "photoshoots."

He'll try to spam your entire life with his "brand," then get pissy when you don't support it. Can you really call it your "brand" if it's the same shit the next person is doing? Rather than face the music and consider getting a real job, he'll tell you he's moving to New York, L.A., Atlanta or wherever with his "vision." Good luck with that.

1. Frank Ocean-esque bandana
2. Shirt designed by his "brand"
3. Flannel also designed by his "brand" worn as a belt because it's the only support he gets
4. Distressed denim
5. Borrowed Jordan 1s

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