The day you realize that your entire existence is inspired by what you see on television and the Internet must be a sad one. For this sap, that day of reckoning is still far off, because he's too busy posing for selfies and constructing outfit grids to realize that he has no identity of his own. His every thought, emotion and move are inspired by something a rapper said, what a rapper wore and what he sees on blogs.

He never met a trend or popular brand he didn't love and would step on his own mother to beat another lost soul to a piece of limited edition gear. Where does the money come from anyway? Are this young man's parents bankrolling his obsession, or is A$AP Barback just blowing his hard-earned money on clothes? Who knows, but how much can you expect from someone who lives his whole life praying he'll be street styled? The bar has been set pretty low.

1. 40 Oz. NY x Been Trill snapback
2. Clueless look of self-satisfaction 
3. Stussy crewneck 
4. Pyrex shorts with leggings on beneath 
5. Yeezy 2s 

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