As we all know, this is probably not the most drunk that Reese Witherspoon has ever been—that honor would have to go to that one time last year when she was arrested for disorderly conduct and cursing out a cop in Atlanta. But still, this is a pretty drunk Reese Witherspoon!

On an elevator ride up to a Met Gala after party, Cara Delevingne caught a conversations she had with Witherspoon on camera, which mostly consisted of Witherspoon trying to pronounce Cara's name ("I love you Kara. Cara. I don't know what your fuckin' name is,") and giving out crucial sex advice ("...the most important thing in a name—for a girl? It's that a man can whisper it into his pillow,"). And, of course, she proceeded to post it all on Instagram, because conversations with drunk Reese Witherspoons make for AMAZING VIDEO CLIPS. Both posts have since been taken down, but thanks to the Internet, they've been immortalized on YouTube.

Look out for Zooey Deschanel and Kate Upton in the second clip (which you can check out below)—clearly, they think this video is going to be as awesome as it is.

[via Gawker]