In case you aren't an avid viewer of NBC's Late Night With Seth Meyers (if you aren't, though...priorities, guys), you probably aren't aware of what has come to be known as "credit cardgate." So, here's a quick rundown, because that's what we're here for: On Monday, Meyers relayed a story to the audience of his show about how his credit card got mixed up with Amy Poehler's during their last dinner together in NYC: Apparently, they both have the same credit card ("Montgomery Ward rewards cards," of course), and when they split the bill for dinner, they each grabbed the wrong card. Honest mistake, of course.

When Meyers noticed the flub two weeks later, he realized that he had been charging all of his purchases to Poehler's card, and—after momentarily freaking out about what he'd purchased in the last two weeks—texted Poehler that he was going to message over her card with the money he'd spent during the past two weeks. Poehler agreed (after texting him "I bought a boat," of course), and said she'd send his card back as well.

Fast forward to when the messenger comes back to Meyers's building...and there's no card. Instead, apparently, Poehler texted Meyers not much later with a photo of her holding both cards, as well as the money he'd sent her, along with the single hashtag: "#upperhand." Oh, Amy. This is why we love you.

But, the saga doesn't stop there! Apparently, Poehler's next move was to check into an expensive hotel in NYC with Meyers' card...and her entire family.

Finally, last night, credit cardgate was hit with a massive plot twist: and, well...we'll let you watch the clip to see what happened. It's a nail-biter, this one.

Amy Poehler, never change.

[via Vulture]