If you have reached the kind of baller status that allows you to purchase paintings from galleries or become a direct patron of an artist, by all means do your thing. If you are cruising Thomas Kinkade and Scarface posters at Wal-Mart, do a different thing. Do yourself a favor. Enter a pretty low cap (say $25) on eBay and search "paintings." You are going to find some crazy stuff. It may take some searching, but you might also find some stuff that will look pretty dope in your room. Just because you've outgrown the Spencer's Gifts school of home décor doesn't mean you have to match your student loan burden with debt accrued as a patron of the arts. If you don't feel like looking too hard, every Goodwill and Salvation Army has a version of "Dogs Playing Poker" for sale, and that alone can really tie a room together.