It what's bound to get more than a few people caught up (like what happened with James Franco with Instagram DM), Vine introduced its own direct messaging feature today.

It's one of Vine's biggest updates yet, and certainly ups the creep factor of the whole thing. Vine users can now direct message — or VM — a single friend, or up to 10 friends, and send them six-second videos  they can respond to. The feature lets users send video through email or SMS, even to people who don't have Vine. After updating the app, all users have to do is hit the home button and a new option labeled "Messages" will be featured at the bottom. Messages are separated into two categories: Friends or Others, so people inside your network will be placed in Friends, while people outside of it (creepers) will be placed in Other.

But, if you want, you can turn off getting any kind of Other message by going to Settings, clicking Your Content, and switching off Open VM inbox.