An eight-foot blue whale washed ashore in a Newfoundland town, and residents are praying that its body doesn't explode, sending unbearable odors throughout the area. 

According to BBC News, the body washed up on the boardwalk at Trout River's beach roughly a week ago. In the interim, local and federal authorities have been bickering about who's responsible for getting rid of the body, leaving it there to become a spectacle—a potentially putrid spectacle. 

Town Clerk Emily Butler says the carcasswhich has reportedly bloated to twice its normal size as the stages of decomposition progresswill pollute the air with an offensive odor, even if it doesn't explode. Though the stench is coming regardless, waiting for that thing to burst could only result in a bigger cleanup that smells even worse. 

Stop arguing and address this, because it might be worse than that exploding corpse in Florida, or the Sriracha plant in California.

[via BBC News]

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