A different kind of nutso, Alison Hendrix is a seemingly normal suburban housewife. She has two kids and a longtime husband—hell, she even drives a van. Unfortunately, she is far from normal. After being contacted by some other women who look just like her, Alison realizes that she is actually a clone, and that someone else (yes, Helena) is trying to kill them.

Another downside: She really cannot hold her liquor.

When Sarah eventually meets Alison and Cosima (more on her later), both of whom are shocked to find out that Beth has died, they begin to find out more and more about their origins. They also learn that Alison and Cosima are being watched by "monitors," sent from a place called the Dyad Institute—the lab where the clone experiment began. Alison freaks out when she believes that her monitor is her good friend Aynsley, and things don't turn out well:


As in, she watches Aynsley choke to death when her scarf and hair gets caught in the garbage disposal of her home.

Spoiler alert: Aynsley was not her monitor; her husband Donnie actually is. And Alison? She's got no clue.