For those who might be in the Jacksonville area this week, the One Spark crowdfunding festival is kicking off tomorrow.

The annual festival puts a ton of money on the line for participating startups (last year they gave out some $1.25 million.) This year, they're expecting a lot more cash to come flowing in, and "creators" will be able to jockey for $310,000 in crowdfunding money, and $3.25 million in capital investments — the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars is reportedly one of the investors. The festival is open from April 9 to 13, and will be topped off by One Spark's international event in Berlin this September. 

If you're going, you can pick who you think should get a piece of the money by registering here. People can attend the festival for free, but they do ask attendees to support something they believe in. "We ask that instead of paying an admission fee, you put that money toward helping the Creators," their website says. "A contribution of $5 or $10 may not seem significant, but when hundreds or even thousands of people believe in an idea and support it, the power of crowdfunding can be the difference between a good idea sitting on a shelf or becoming the next big thing."