We've been playing Titanfall almost religiously since it dropped.

We've been climbing through the Regeneration System for weeks now, and its given us the chance to play through and use weapon loadouts we may have overlooked our first few playthroughs. One of those weapons that we may've overlooked due to its charge time is the Plasma Railgun.

We've been equipping it with a Stryder chasis, and the results have been ridiculously effective. Now it looks like the United States Navy seems to be biting our style. 

Meet the electromagnetic railgun launcher.

The railgun would look perfect in a Titan's massive grip.

The Navy's version taps into the Lorentz force, a form of electromagnetic energy, to fire a 23-pound shell. The top speed of the projectile exceeds Mach 7. Land trials for the weapon have been concluded with plans for sea trials to begin in 2016.

The Navy has been developing raingun technology for the better part of ten years and Rear Admiral Matt Klunder finally thinks its time to show the world what the engineers have been doing this whole time.

“Frankly, we think it might be the right time for them to know what we’ve been doing behind closed doors in a Star Wars fashion,” said Klunder. “It’s now reality. It’s not science fiction. It’s real and you can look at it.”

Star Wars is a wack comparison. Someone get a copy of Titanfall into the Rear Admiral's hands. We want to see what another decade will give us. 

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