So what the New York Knicks and J.R. Smith, and “Swaggy P” Nick Young and the Los Angeles Lakers aren’t in the NBA playoffs. These two still wanna ball.

The doctors of style and the masters of inappropriate use of social media have gone virtual. The clones are back y’all. This time J.R, and Swaggy P are the targets, but you’re the marks.

The P’s had to don Lakers’ purple and gold to represent the squad Young helped to their worst record in decades. In a Mark Henry voice, Swaggy P says: “That’s what I do.”

Likewise, the JR’s have the Knicks’ colors to commemorate a disastrous season in the Big Apple. The recently fired Mike Woodson sends his regards.

The Eastern Conference was so bad this season, UConn (the men and women’s team) would have contended for the Atlantic Division title had Kevin Ollie and Geno Auriemma had their boys and girls in the L.

I kid, but you get my drift.

Even with that, the Knicks couldn’t make the playoffs. Thanks, J.R. In this battle of cloned and eccentric swingmen, we gave Smith the home-court advantage.

Why? Because the Knicks didn’t suck quite as bad as the Lakers.

Before the game, one of the Smith brothers greeted a Young brother. Not like a young black male. I’m actually talking about one of the Young brothers. Are you confused?

Just watch the GIFs.