In his new book, AsiaObscura (that is the short version of the real title, which is Balinese Cockfighters, Chinese Taxidermists, Kentucky Bodysnatchers, Mongolian Wrestlers, Two-Headed Girls, Evil Theme Parks, Shrunken Heads, Modern Cavemen, Korean Nazis, Cute Cosplay, Cock Temples and Pickled Corpses: Curious Adventures from the Annals of Andy Deemer’s AsiaObscura), author Andy Deemer shares some of the most off-the-wall experiences he encountered while traveling the continent. One glance at his phenomenal blog reveals accounts of Deemer tripping over human skulls, photos of unintentionally funny things, such as signs for Anus Dairy, and travel tips that cover everything from Cambodia to North Korea and Beijing to Bangalore. All of this is exquisitely captured in the new book. Here, Deemer shares some of his thoughts on the weirdest things still happening in Asia including dancing dwarfs, Nazi cosplay, and children feeding tigers.

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