In a new book on Apple's newest CEO, Tim Cook, author Yukari Kane reveals that Steve Jobs was not fond of building an Apple TV set.

The new book, Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs, Kane describes an event in 2010 where some of the company's top 100 employees were allowed to ask questions to an ill Jobs. One employee asked if Apple will ever make a TV set. "Jobs didn't hesitate," Kane says. He said, "No."

"TV is a terrible business," Jobs continued. "They don't turn over and the margins suck." 

This news bursts a few Apple TV set rumors that have circulated over the past few years. Many insiders had suspected that Apple's next big product would be a smart TV set, but as time has passed, and the TV still hasn't come out. Not to say that Jobs didn't change his mind on the product sometime before he died, he very well could have. But there's no word yet if Cook is willing to take the plunge and make the TV against Jobs' wishes.

[via Business Insider]