Next month, Peter Parker will return to Marvel in a new reboot of The Amazing Spider-Man comic series, after more than a year away while Doctor Octopus’ consciousness controlled his body (long story). Now the House of Ideas is hinting at Peter’s first major struggle after his comeback with a mysterious teaser poster. The poster was emailed to us simply with the words “Every Single One” attached to it.

We obviously don’t know what “Every Single One” refers to, but there are numerous webbed-out silhouettes surrounding the Wall Crawler. Some of these silhouettes do have the same shape as Spider-Man, but others are far bulkier. This could be a callback to the infamous “Clone Saga” from a few years ago, or, perhaps, the teaser is hinting that Spidey will be pitted against every single one of his major villains in the upcoming storyline. Check out the teaser for yourself and see if you can deduce what’s ahead for Peter Parker.