Words by Andrew LaSane

Life is full of pleasant surprises, I just never expected one of them to be Rocky on Broadway.

Like a lot of people, when I heard that the movie was being made into a legit Broadway musical, I laughed and most likely tweeted my disbelief. I saw the The Lion King some years back on Broadway and it was amazing, and I had heard good things about a few other musicals that were adapted from films, so it wasn't the idea of it that gave me doubts, it was the source material. Granted, I saw Rocky (the film) a very long time ago, and what I remembered about it came from references on television and other movies, not from my personal experience viewing the film. Everyone knows "Yo, Adrian," Apollo Creed, and the theme song, whether they've seen the movie hundreds of times or never at all, and as far as my shitty memory was concerned, I was much closer to the latter: I was familiar with the film, but I knew almost nothing about it.

So when the good people at Visit Philly invited me to see it during the preview stages of the production, my curiosity made me accept. I didn't re-watch the film, and I didn't read any reviews of the show because I wanted to go in blind and unaware of the hype. I'm going to try to talk about the experience and give a bit of a review with as few spoilers as possible, but if you don't want to know what happens you should stop reading right now.

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