Not satisfied playing as an Ewok in the latest expansion of Star Wars: Old Rebublic?

Apparently others feel the same way. Redditors have claimed to have found an “Ewok Sex Den” in an abandoned house, complete with homemade costumes. For real.

Here's some of the photographic proof of the alleged Ewok sex costumes.



The first thought was that these must be left behind teddy bear costumes from Furries, but the truth starts to unfold later in the images. Two homemade Ewok costumes, were initially mistaken for Teddy Bears, but look at the images, trust, these were meant to be Ewoks. There's no mistaking that.

The costumes were also found with the crotches carefully cut out, so good luck getting that image out of your mind. Check out these images for the rest of the proof.

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[via Reddit]