Neighborhood: San Gabriel
Address: 534 E Valley Blvd. # 10
Perfect for: The Spice Factor

If it's spicy that you seek, Sichuan-style Chongqing chicken will satiate your senses, and what better place to eat authentic Chinese food than San Gabriel? Lucky Noodle King is a small mom-and-pop that is easy on your wallet and packs so much flavor into each dish, you'll be questioning everything you've been eating up until this point. These bite size fried chicken pieces are stir-fried with garlic, ginger, and chili peppers, and are almost guaranteed to bring a little numbness to your lips. If you're not a spicy pro, make sure you have enough napkins to blow your nose because you might end up looking like a hot mess. Don't sleep on the Dan Dan Noodles which are also a crucial order here.