No one is quite sure what to make of FOX’s upcoming Batman-without-Batman cop drama, Gotham. Sure it’ll feature the characters that fans know and love like a young Detective Jim Gordon, Harvey Bullock, Selina Kyle, Penguin, and a young Bruce Wayne, but the Caped Crusader himself won’t appear at all. However, there is precedent for this in a comic series from the mid-2000’s called Gotham Central, which focused solely on the exploits of the Gotham City Police Department.

This book pretty much ignored Batman completely, save for a few background appearances. The series wasn’t just experimental; it was also one of the most acclaimed comics of the decade. While the main premise is different—Gotham Central was set in the present while Gotham is a prequel—aspects of the source material can be adapted seamlessly. Plus, Gordon more than held his own as one of the stars of Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One. So there is potential here. 

Today, FOX released the first photo of what Ben McKenzie will look like as a young Jim Gordon on the show, and, well, it looks just like Ben McKenzie. There is no trademark mustache or overcoat to be found. To be fair, though, you only earn those once you’ve been on the force for a few years. Take a look at the picture below:

[via Newsarama]