In those lean post-collegiate years we train ourselves to spend as little money as possible. We pack sandwiches in Ziploc bags. We show up at functions we’re not terribly interested in hoping for a complimentary deli tray. We secretly own only two pairs of jeans. Then the money starts to come in. Maybe you’re not rolling in it, but maybe you’ve risen above internship status and no longer have an economic hardship deferment on those student loans. Even so, old habits die hard—you lived on ramen and PBR for so long that it’s all you know. You can’t help but squirrel a good chunk of that money away just in case you walk into work to discover someone else sitting at your desk.

It’s time to cure yourself of that stingy streak. No, don’t go playing rainmaker at the strip club, but there are some little things you can afford that will make life a little easier. A few extra dollars here and there will make you look, feel, and live better. It’s time to get rid of that twelve year-old IKEA desk, that busted third-hand sofa, and that ratty dining room / beer pong table. It’s time to live a little bit better—at least until you find yourself back in the unemployment line.

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