In an article on, a reader mentions that her landlord's solution to a malfunctioning smoke detector was to remove it and leave. "One night at around 3am, I had to call several times after exhausting all attempts at quieting the system. My landlord's solution? Ripping it out of the wall with no replacement!"

This is one of those high-pressure moments. On the one hand, you're relieved that the beeping has stopped. You say to yourself, "Oh, what the deuce, I'll worry about replacing it later. My landlord cares about me. I'm sure he'll be back with another one that isn't broken."

But no. A week later you'll turn on the oven, pound NyQuil because it's Tuesday (and why the hell not), and then fall asleep. All of a sudden: What's this. Fire everywhere. You never know when a fire is going to happen. Make sure your spot has smoke detectors, and if it doesn't it's your landlord's responsibility to install them.