Vultures are running amok in Florida. Not culture vultures, eitheractual vultures. 

Yes, birds fly south for the winter, and they're stopping in a South Daytona neighborhood because the weather in other places is crazy. (So crazy, some cities *cough* Atlanta *cough* don't know what to do.) The vultures have been posting up in trees, knocking over trash cans and leaving homes damaged thanks to their sharp talons and acidic urine. 

You know what else isn't fun? Cleaning out a swimming pool that's been polluted by an abundance of vulture feces. That's so not Florida. 

According to the "experts," Harborside Village has become their destination of choice because there's a landfill and stagnant pond near it. What's more (and worse, to be honest), residents can't really fight back because vultures are a protected species.

The vultures have immunity; it looks like Harborside Village is just going to have to wait this one out.

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