Thought Catalog has gained much popularity over the past year by publishing a handful of opinion blogs that seem almost tailored to piss people off (i.e., "I’m Not Going To Pretend That I’m Poor To Be Accepted By You" by Rachel Sacks.)

Today, the website published a new post which includes short recaps of men who've recently gained media attention for killing black teenagers. Instead of publishing the article as a close look at these men, their similarities, differences, and traits, the author, Nick Mullenwho writes under the name Nicole Mullen—published it as "Which Black Teen Murderer Are You?", because if this isn't a twisted version of an Upworthy headline, I don't know what is.

"There’s a little bit of every black teen murderer in all of ushovelled away in our collective subconscious as indelible marks on our identity," Mullen opens with in the article's introduction. 

He includes George Zimmerman, Michael Dunn, John Henry Spooner, and Johannes Mehserle in his listicle (and he makes fun of Mehserle's name because, you know, it's German, and German people are bad: "It might as well be Hitler von Auschwitz.") Mullen offers nothing new in terms of information or insight, and he calls the article "a baseless, meaningless listicle to help you determine exactly which Black Teen Murderer best represents you."

Assuming the blog is supposed to be taken as satire (whether good or bad, you be the judge), at least a few people are still pissed. 

Whether it is supposed to be taken as a joke, it leaves something lacking—that is, the humor. Mullens is currently retweeting people on Twitter who are criticizing his writing, so give him a tweet if you feel compelled. Or you can watch Zimmerman say he's sorry how hard his life is after killing Trayvon Martin

[via Thought Catalog]