Address: 848 Washington St.

There are a number of options for drinking at the Standard Hotel this Valentine's Day. Don't worry which you choose, they will all serve to make you feel just as terrible about being poor as you already do about being single. Whether you are slurping down $25 whiskey sours at La Bain or you're chugging overpriced brews at the faux-rustic beer garden, you will be surrounded by people with few responsibilities and tons of money. The best part is that each and every one of them will have someone and you're all alone.

The Meatpacking District is New York's playground for the wealthy who don't feel like slumming it. Sure, one night in Williamsburg or the Lower East Side is fine, but eventually you just want to hang out with models, Grand Prix Drivers, and Diplo. Yes, your fellow patrons will remind you that while money can't buy happiness, it can buy a lot of other awesome things that you'll never in a million years get to touch.

Drinking in the Meatpacking District is like staring into an aquarium of opulence. You may graze the hem of some scantily clad party girl's garments while she nurses a cosmo and prepares to bed a man with a fine-tuned five o'clock shadow wearing a crisp tailored shirt, but you know you'll never actually swim in those forbidden waters. Hey, at least you can pretend you're the guy with the tailored suit and the five o'clock shadow as you dream your way to sleep in your cramped studio apartment.