Address: 139 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn

The Atlantic Terminal mall is the harbinger of the death of Brooklyn. Well before the Barclay's Center was complete, this suburban shopping mall plopped down right in the middle of Brooklyn. Unlike Whole Foods, Panera, and other companies that make some attempt to blend their urban offerings in with the existing cityscape, the Atlantic Terminal looks like your local mall was drawn and quartered, and one piece was slammed atop the subway station. The Buffalo Wild Wings inside of Atlantic Terminal is exquisitely terrible. Dank, overpriced, and only accessible via escalator, the only people who drink here are mall employees and those who lost their way exiting the subway. Anyone with even passing familiarity with the neighborhood would walk three blocks to Vanderbilt Ave., home of some of the best bars in Brooklyn. There are actually two great sports bars, Woodwork and Plan B, within few blocks of this monument of the suburbanization of Brooklyn. The only possible silver lining is that a few of the employees from Victoria's Secret might be passing time there. Oh wait, never mind; they'll be leaving right after their shift to be with their boyfriends.