The sight of a man in an over-sized banana suit carrying an assault rifle with ample ammunition might seem like some Broken Lizard/Rambo hallucination, but no, it happened—in Texas. 

On Saturday, police in Beaumont, Texas were summoned to Highway 105 following reports of a man in a banana suit with an AK-47 strapped to his back. After police stopped the man, they found a 50-round extended magazine.

There was a legitimate reason for this spectacle: the 18-year-old was promoting the opening of a local gun store, hence the sign he was holding. Golden Trial Tactical owner Derek Poe told police the stunt was to attract customers. He ended up attracting the law, which an adult-sized banana with an AK-47 tends to do. 

The grown banana was issued a citation, and Poe—who was arrested in December because he thought carrying an assault rifle through a mall was wise—was not charged. Promotion for his store achieved; mission accomplished.

[via News12]