A police dog is currently seeking employment after being released from the force for playing with trash instead of searching for drugs. 

According to the Daily Mail, authorities in Gulfport, Miss. will send the Fred, a Belgian Malinois, back to training facility K9 Unlimited in Kaplan, La. because he wasn't getting the job done. This comes two years after the city of Gulfport paid at least $12,000 for Fred, training included. 

Though Gulfport Chief Leonardo Papania says Fred is certainly capable of being an effective K-9, he had a tendency to get distracted, occasionally focusing on random objects like soda cans as opposed to finding drugs during searches. Fred was previously sent back to receive additional training, but it didn't help. 

Despite forming a bond with the lovable Fred, Gulfport Police exercised their option to sell him back to K9 Unlimited. Law enforcement is a high-risk job, but you can't distracted in the midst of it.

[via Daily Mail UK]