Oculus VR, the developer of the Oculus Rift has run out of the components used to make its Virtual Reality headsets. Oculus' vision of a VR video future has been a huge success, so much so that the run of developer-only kits for the system.

"Certain components used in the Oculus Rift developer kit are no longer being manufactured, meaning they are no longer available to us for production," the company stated in a post on Oculus Reddit. "As a result, we don't have the necessary materials to produce additional kits.”

Okay, so it might be just a hiccup in supply lines but the Oculus isn't even available to retail consumers yet. Hopefully this will be worked out when Oculus claims it will have a version for sale later in 2014. Demand is going to be incredibly high, no matter the price. For more on the Rift and Oculus VR check out the links below.

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[Via Eurogamer]