Good news, Titanfall's closed beta is now heading into full open beta for both the Xbox One and PC.

As of right now Xbox One users can join the open beta by heading to the new games demo tile on the Xbox One dash to get in on the hot mech on mech action. The decision comes on the heels of server issues during the closed beta and many beta codes going undelivered by EA. The logic behind the decision is to give the servers a more realistic stress test before the game drops on March 11. 

"We have limited server capacity for the beta, but would be good to hit that ceiling," Respawn founder Vince Zampella tweeted Saturday night. Zampella then tweeted, "Ok, just heard from [Respawn programmer Jon Shiring]. His words are 'Let's break it', so the plan is to make the beta fully open and have you max stress it!

"All the switches need to be flipped, and there are probably lots! It will take some number of time units to do it all!"

PC is expected to follow the Xbox One by a day and the whole beta has been extended by a day to February 18 to boot. Get out there and prepare for Titanfall.


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