After the launch of the Google Glass Explorer program in June of 2012, the Explorer community has grown by the thousands. Explorers are the first to try out Glass and provide feedback to help shape the product, so it’s polished before the public release. The Glass Explorer program is now open to anyone willing to wait for a spot to open.

It’s becoming a common sight to see Explorers walking down the street wearing Glass—but who knows what they're really up to? Sitting across from someone on the subway who’s wearing Glass could up your anxiety levels a little bit, and we wouldn’t blame you. After years of feedback from Explorers, Google itself has created a “Do’s and Don’ts” list for Explorers: a guide on how to wear Glass without pissing people off (aka, how not to be a Glasshole.)

Some Do’s include: taking advantage of the Glass voice commands, asking for permission before taking photos or recording videos of bystanders, being an active member of the Glass community by educating others about Glass, and giving feedback on what needs to be improved. Doing things like this could get you out of messing situations where someone confronts you about their uneasiness with you wearing the device. By explaining what the device is, they might become more comfortable with your wearing it. That is, if you’re not doing the things below.

Don’ts (let’s face it, the most important part of the list) include not spending too much time using Glass to do lengthy activities, such as watching movies or reading books, not using Glass during high impact sports, and not being a creep. That means, not staring at the chick across from you and recording, yelling “OK Glass” while in a quiet room, and not removing them when someone asks you to while you’re on their property.

To see the complete list of Glass Do’s and Don’t, visit the Explorers tab on the Glass website.

[via Glass]