The fans, athletes and media who've descended upon Sochi for the Winter Olympics this week may want to keep their standards low as far as accommodations are concerned. With the opening ceremony scheduled for tomorrow, a slew of disturbing tweets and images about the hotels, restaurants and buildings in the area have surfaced. Usually hotels provide water for those who wish to wash their face, they have lobbies and ceilings that aren't under construction, and guests don't have to wait until kingdom come before they are able to check in. Looks like this isn't the case in Sochi at the moment.

Here's an updated list of some of the most disturbing images that have appeared so far:

Sochi recognizes the internationally renowned allure of Pittsburgh and decided to name a bar after it.  When asked why Pittsburgh, the owner responded, "I don't know. It's Russia, you know. Crazy."

[via Triblive]

This hotel accommodates it's guests' urges to hold impromptu in-house interrogations.

[via Dailymail]

Let the water run for 5 minutes. When the putrid brown turns to a more inviting gold, then you know it's safe to drink.

[via Syracuse]

Let me just clear some of these extra floorboards...aaaand here we have the foyer.

[via Syracuse]

Enjoy the view and a quiet stroll down the promenade at your own risk. 

[via Washington Post]

Bee cautious of the honey in Sochi.


Bedside lamps are available in every room, on the floor. Oh, yes, and they are actually flood lights.

[via Marketwatch]

Would you like to enjoy a refreshing drink while the hotel searches for your reservation? Too bad. 

[via Shaun Walker]


Don't put anything in the toilet that is not liquid. Put it in the bin, or find a bush.

[via Deadspin]

Fine cuisine is available in many generic varieties.

[via Mike Lawrie]

Hotels in Sochi are offering courtesy golden showers. Just kidding. This is actually the tap water.

[via SB Nation]

The decor is stunning.

[via Mark Mackinnon]


Typically, hotels are not construction zones when they open doors. Guests staying at hotels in Sochi should probably bring their own hardhat. 

[via The Daily Dot]

Please don't touch anything (because it will break).

[via Harry Reekie]

Even the Hilton is struggling to get its act together.

[via PRI's The World]

Russia isn't known for honoring one's personal privacy. Or personal rights, for that matter.

[via Hilarious Pictures]

You know things are bad when there is a Twitter dedicated to things getting worse.

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