Despite opening inside of a suburban Boston YMCA, a donut shop will not be selling donuts. 

According to TimeHoney Dew Donuts wants to remain consistent with the operation of the new $30 million Quincy, Mass. gym. Despite its name, it will offer a selection of muffins, yogurt, fruit, smoothies salads and sandwiches. Each menu item will have to be approved by YMCA officials, which kind of makes sense considering the location.

The Patriot Ledger points out that a number of the shop's low-fat muffins actually have more calories and sugar than donuts. However, the paper is quick to note that the muffins have more protein and fiber. 

This decision seems awkward, especially because it's called "Honey Dew Donuts," but it makes sense. It's not like they're opening a liquor store that doesn't serve liquor. 

[via Time and the Patriot Ledger]