Yahoo! is looking for an valuable programmer who went missing after partying in San Francisco on New Year's Eve.

The missing person, 28-year-old Luke Arduini, is a javascript programmer at the company. Police say Arduini likely made it to his home in Oakland after taking an Uber ride from San Francisco early New Year's morning, but they're not sure what happened to him afterward. The investigator hired by Yahoo!, James Vierra, told CBS that he found a diabetes kit, antidepressant medicine, a kitten, and the tie Arduini wore on NYE when he searched the house. "He had a past history of emotional unstableness," said Vierra. "He never physically harmed anyone, but he talked about you know, issues where he would be better off not being around."

Before posting his last tweet, "Ok," Arduini tweeted this on New Year's Day:

For people in the Bay Area, Arduini can be identified by his numerous tatts: a "42" on his neck, a heart with crossbones on his chest, Linux code on his lower chest, and a green arm band on his right bicep.

[via SF Weekly]