This New "Veronica Mars" Movie Trailer Is Everything

Guys. GUYS. Stop whatever you are doing right now because this is without a doubt way more important. With only two and a half months to go until the release of the Kickstarter Veronica Mars movie, a new trailer for the film has dropped...and it's amazing. 

If you were at all worried that the new film format wouldn't live up the genius of the series, which ran on UPN between 2004 and 2006, then The CW between 2006 and 2007, you should be happy to discover you were worrying over nothing—in addition to pretty much every character from the series making a return (including Max Greenfield's Leo!), Veronica hasn't lost one ounce of her trademark snark, and she's even picked up what appears to be a great right hook on the way. 

The film, if you're not aware, follows Veronica ten years after the finale of the series, as she's now living in NYC attempting to get into a career as a high-powered lawyer. She's once again dating Piz, whom she dated in college after breaking up with Logan, and living a live blissfully away from all the craziness in Neptune—that is, until Logan calls, accused of murdering his rock star girlfriend. Veronica heads back to Neptune to help him, and ends up uncovering an even bigger case than she could have imagined...and also ends up attending her ten-year high school reunion, which is awesome. To the delight of Logan/Veronica fans, it also seems like things might heat up between the two of them again.

You can check out the trailer above. Veronica Mars will hit select AMC theaters on March 14.

[via USA Today]

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