The only thing worse than how cold it is outside are the people making small talk about how cold it is outside. During the summer, there are plentiful diversions. But most of winter, particularly after football ends, is spent talking about winter.

Women have it even worse. Every asshole in a parka suddenly thinks it's appropriate to comment on how she "must be cold in that outfit." What do they expect the outcome of a conversation like that to be? "Wow, I'd never thought of that. You are a wonderful conversationalist. Would you like to swing into the McDonald's bathroom and have sex, not only for pleasure, but also to keep warm on this frigid day?" We don't understand.

Don't worry if you don't have time to get outside, your friends on Facebook and Instagram will keep you up updated on whether it's "cold", "really cold", or "super cold" out there. They're all so observant.