We're all still recovering from the food festivities of the past month and a half, and we're sure to have made more than a few of our Instagram followers a little annoyed at the amount of times we photographed mom's mashed potatoes and gravy.

Now that it's back to trips to In-N-Out and Fourth of July grilling, it's time to get down to the hashtags you really need to be using when you're photographing your food. There's a whole method to getting your pictures liked and noticed within the food-lovers community: knowing the right hashtags is the first step, and First We Feast is here to help. Take #FoodPorn, for instance, which "is the racks on racks on racks image, achieved by either crowding the shot with dozens of the same thing, or by using Photo Grid to cobble together an unholy collage of excess."

Or #Foodgasm, which, "Like a guy claiming he loves taking his girl shoe shopping, it generally comes across as trying too hard – but that's not to say it never works."

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[via First We Feast]