In the event that you're the rare weirdo who is completely disinterested in seeing Martin Scorsese's latest opus, The Wolf of Wall Street, this poster made by the Dutch for their release of the film is just for you. How could one reject a film when it has a one-sheet as awesome as this?

There's the themes of the film/Wall St. itself: opulence, American capitalism—the flags, red wine, lobster; Jordan Belfort's vices—cocaine, a pair of legs spread wide open (with a wolf's head in the middle, which is amazing in and of itself); and a hilarious sketch of Jonah Hill as Donnie Azoff, all literally on display in a curious but positively overwhelming layout. All it's missing is a bottle of quaaludes. Take in the awesomeness for yourself, below.

Update: Here's the high quality image, courtesy of Clemmiepem.

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[via Twitter, Clemmiepem]