Those of our more fashion conscious readers, who may be thinking about their looks even during something like the Super Bowl, might appreciate this. 
Samsung Smart TVs made through 2012 to 2013 will be able to purchase David Beckham's clothes during an H&M commercial set to air during Super Bowl XLVIII next month. By using their TV remote, Smart TV owners can buy something from Beckham's Bodywear collection straight from their TV (we're sure you've seen black and white ads of Beckham if you've walked into an H&M anytime in the past few months.) Delivery Agent, the company behind it, is calling it a "t-commerce platform," and they plan to show off the technology this week at CES in Las Vegas. As The Verge points out, though a ton of people watch the Super Bowl, we're not sure how many of them own Samsung Smart TVs made between 2012 to 2013—so no telling how many people might picking up new underwear on Feb. 2.